The Roots

Sarah is a charismatic wife, mother of two, and rad pet mom, whose contagious energy is a total force to be reckon with! While taking a path well-traveled by many, from uncertain childhood, to young motherhood, and soul crushing divorce, she found herself at a crossroads; let her experiences define her or let them align her. Bravely, she made the decision to let it fuel her intuitive, compassionate, and authentic way of living. For years, she has served as a guru to those seeking inspiration, help, or advice. In 2018, she felt called to take the path the universe appeared to be directing her towards, and intentionally began a journey of learning, discovery, and sisterhood. Sarah is a Holy Fire 3, level 2, Reiki Practitioner, plant mom, and serial entrepreneur. With her determination, quick wit, and passionate soul she has confidently moved towards a way of living that focuses on alignment over the "hustle" of everyday living.  Hand in hand with her family, and her incredible sisterhood, she has launched her business Woke Herbalism and Healing as her outlet for personal growth and a safe space for all to join, connect, heal, and align.


Keswick, Georgina, ON, Canada

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